Ben’s Restaurant, A Gastronomic Guilty Pleasure

When it comes to a restaurant that I will never get tired of visiting, Ben’s definitely falls under this category.

It has this cozy vibe that makes me enjoy every moment I spend in the restaurant whether it be for a serious meeting, regular gathering with friends, or even a birthday get together.

Ben’s offers a wide range of choices when it comes to food and beverages. From western to Asian and the award winning (for me) desserts that most definitely makes you scoop for more but realizing that there are no more of it left in your plate so you are stuck in this dilemma whether to break your diet for more cake or just settle with what you already have but in the end decide to order more because self control is out of the window while you are at Ben’s.

This time around I got to enjoy two of their dishes (yes two, mainly because I was there with my partner, but still!), a cake, and of course some drinks. I decided to order their Vietnamese Beef Pho (RM 30), I pair that with Iced Peach Tea (RM 10) and my friend decided to order their Butter Chicken Curry (RM 30), with the same pair of Iced Peach Tea.

As we had come around for Buka Puasa and we realized that Ben’s offers a special menu for Ramadhan.
Ben's 1
This menu is Ben’s take on combining Middle-Eastern, Asian, and Western menu. In this one menu itself, Ben’s offers starters, mains, beverages, and dessert.

For mains, other than single serving for individuals, Ben’s also offers a platter for 4 people.

The main foods are mainly middle-eastern, such as chicken kebab, lamb kofta, etc.

I noticed that the menu being offered for Buka Puasa was a bit different with the rest of their menu, implying that this menu set is only available for the month of Ramadhan and is a specially themed menu for the month.

Waiting for the food did not take long and frankly I do not mind waiting a bit longer since as Ben’s has a nice atmosphere in the restaurant, cozy and comfortable, simply a good place to just talk and catch up with friends.

One unique thing at Ben’s which we never really see in other restaurants, were a set of conversation starter cards which Ben’s provides to encourage its patrons to use in order to start a conversation rather than looking at one’s phone.

Ben's 2Among the topics which were written on these cards were, “If you could morph into an animal, what would you be?” which definitely makes for interesting conversations and a fun concept put forth by Ben’s.

As per usual, the food that Ben’s brought to us was very good. First off their Vietnamese Beef Pho, although not spicy enough for my liking, the flavor of this noodle dish is very good besides, there is nothing that a little chili padi can’t fix.

Ben's 4I can really taste the spices in this, the vegetables taste fresh and flavorful, and was definitely a nice dish to break my fast (it really helps with the growling cold stomach that I had).

I thought it was very clever of Ben’s to separate some of the paste that will give a more sour taste to the dish, as some people sometimes do not like their dish to be too sour.

As for myself, I decided pour it all in anyway because the paste was just enough flavor for me.

The highlight of the whole dish for me is the soup and the beef, I could not get over how tender the beef strips that were in the dish that I even refused to give my partner more of it when he asked because it was THAT good.

I know that sharing is caring but one cannot deny good food.

I tasted some of my partner’s dish and as predicted, it was very good too. The butter chicken curry was Ben’s take on the everyday butter chicken and rice curry dish, which included papadoms for the rice set.

Ben's 8Ben’s added a pinch of “fancy” into the ordinary dish. The chicken breast that was served with the rice is very tender and the flavor really seeps into the chicken’s meat.

Curry wise, as expected, was not spicy enough for me but generally it was good and my partner really enjoyed it, as he does not enjoy spicy food.

After finishing the main dishes we decided to order a cheesecake and although there were a lot of desserts on offer, we decided to keep it classic and simple and so decided order the classic cheesecake.

Ben's 7The Classic Baked Cheesecake has the same texture as any other cheesecake, but what makes it unique about it is how they serve it, where instead of the usual triangle shape they made it round instead.

What I like about the cake’s flavor was how the sweetness is just right not too much but not too little either.

For the drink that we ordered it was not bad too, however I was a tad disappointed as they did not put pieces of actual peach in the iced peach tea, but it was not that bad of a drink.

Ben's 5Overall Ben’s offers a really nice dining experience, good food, good atmosphere, and good service. Definitely worth to try, I did find the prices to be a tad exorbitant for students but one should treat oneself every once in a while, right?

Article Written by Bella


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