Cannibal Holocaust, Too Extreme For Screen?

91VSdxbIfNL._SL1500_The movie Cannibal Holocaust (1980), directed by Ruggero Deodato, is a documentary horror film, which depicts the fate of a missing film crew who were sent to document a tribe of cannibals living in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

The story starts after a rescue mission attempted by anthropologist Harold Monroe manages to only recover the missing film crew’s film canisters.

Tension arises when an American television company wishes to broadcast the footage, however after reviewing the film’s content and learning of the team’s ultimate fate Monroe objects to releasing the broadcast, finding the teams actions to be appalling.
My opinion about the content of the movie, is the feeling nausea. The film depicts a number of animal cruelty scenes one of which depicts a turtle being amputated and torn apart from its shell.

There are also graphic scenes of brutality where tribal men beat a tribal woman to death, as well as scenes of sexual assault. These horrific scenes terrified me especially the scene where Monroe is offered a human body part as a meal by the cannibal tribe as a show of solidarity between the film crew and the tribe. About the only good scene in the movie involved a sex scene performed by couple inside of a burnt down house.
Even though there are alot obscene scenes in the movie, my rating for it on a scale of 10 will be 8/10.

It is a decent documentary horror flick which I applaud for its realistic horror and killing scenes, giving audiences a sense of uneasiness, which makes for a good of a horror flick.

There are scenes rumored by audience members where actors had actually died after being killed in numerous ways.

But still, for the sense of realism Cannibal Holocaust comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a real experience about indigenous cannibal tribes.

Article Written by Dan Dan Yap


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