Confessions Of A Blogger The Jeff Ooi Experience

Jeff 1GLENMARIE 31st May – Ex-Blogger and Member of Jelutong Parliament; Jeff Ooi gave a talk about his blogging experiences to KDU Mass Communication students here today.

Jeff, who first started blogging in 2002 got his start by writing about the Bush Administration and the 1st Iraqi War.

As pictures would tell a thousand words he would always use the relevant pictures and include short videos in his blog posts.

The resulting posts would then garner responses from his audience who wished to voice their opinions on the matter which was how his blog first took off. Back then there was no wordpress system and all he had rely only upon was content system and a team of four administrators.

Relating on why he began blogging in the first place he said that even prior to 2002 that there was already an ecosystem for news and blogging in his home community of USJ.

Back then he had community of about 1020 strong, comprised of people who had worked with him previously to look for issues plaguing the residents of USJ and although they did not have a background in Mass Communication they could write decent articles with passable grammar.

As Jeff would attest to, there was a lot of competition among bloggers back in those days with an abundance of over-productive bloggers who strived to become more exclusive than newspapers.

Jeff 2

In this blogging frenzy it seemed that Jeff himself became the victim of controversy when the NST sued him for defamation in November 2006 and was subsequently asked by the Malaysian government to take down 10 of his postings from his blog.

When asked on his opinion about the impact of blogging on traditional media Jeff replied that although he relies on the newspapers, he still makes it a habit to visit websites and blogs to provide him with a fresh perspective on current issues.

To close, Jeff remarked that these days he blogs a lot less as his appointment as MP of Jelutong leave him little time pursue such endeavors.

Jeff 3

Article Written by Darshinni Dachuu


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