Transformers Make Landfall In One Utama

Transformers-The-Last-Knight-PosterBANDAR UTAMA, 7th May – An event based around the upcoming movie, “Transformers: The Last Knight”, is ongoing here on the Ground floor of One Utama’s Highstreet from 27th May to 12th June.

Mall goers have showed up in throngs to the event in order to take photos and admire the many “Transformers” figures on display here. The collection arrayed here include everything from first editions to even the latest “Transformers” figures.

There are even full scale models as well as 15 feet scale models on display to the public and many “Transformers” enthusiasts can be seen taking photos with their favorite transforming robots.

There is a section with benches for audiences to watch the latest trailer for the upcoming “Transformers: The Last Knight” movie.

There is even a green screen booth where visitors can take photos with their favorite “Transformers” character, as well as a gaming corner where children can be seen playing the latest Transformers PS 4 games.

Visitors can receive complimentary a photo by flashing their ONECARD and is limited to a 100 members daily limited to one photo per card holder.

Shoppers can also receive a free photo print with a minimum purchase of RM 150 at any ONECARD participating outlets, to a maximum of 2 receipts within the same day of purchase.
There are also benefits for AmBank members during the event. To qualify one needs maximise their Spend or Deposit with AmBank in order to stand chance to win a Mercedes AMG A 45 as the Grand Prize. To register, one should SMS to 66300 and type in AMTF, space and type in your 12-digit MyKad number.

For those desiring to purchase a gift for your younger siblings, friends, or figurine collectors, do stop by a section conducted by Toys ‘r’ Us in order to purchase an exclusive type of medium sized “Transformers” figurine. Don’t forget to catch the premiere of “Transformers: The Last Knight” in cinemas, 22 June.

Article Written by Dan Dan Yap


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