The Bystander effect; Help or Record?


As we notice, there are massive amounts of bystander pictures and videos. Bystanders use their electronic devices to capture those incidents.

The public often offers help such as helping the blind to cross the road, being volunteering in charity events and stuffs. Although people offers help such way like these, help is not always given to an ambiguous kind of event such as accidents and bullying.

In this segment, students and staff from KDU University College are interviewed by Eagle Eye reporters about their opinions towards bystanders being for or against helping victims involved in roadside accidents.

In this instance, the goal is to find out whether offering help is an easy job or if there are factors need to be considered before offering to help.We started from the angle by asking the question;

Have you experienced recording videos during any tragedy accidents or events?

What you will do if you are the first on the scene of these events?

On Facebook do you realize people tend to record rather than report?

What really benefits the most help or record?

What are the pros and cons for record or helping?

Clip of the interview, titled “A bystander for helping the accident victim”


It’s up to us to decide whether to help our fellow humans when they are in need. We can choose to be passive bystanders or we can step in and intervene. Within each of us is the capacity for heroism.

Article Written by Darshinni Dachu


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