The Humorous Yet Awesome Journalist, Zan Azlee

SHAH ALAM – Zan Azlee, 39, is a journalist, writer and a journalism major lecturer in KDU University College, Glenmarie. He has related experience towards media for over 18 years and is considered a prominent journalist in Malaysia who has covered many past major newsworthy issues such as the missing flight of MH370 and the scandalous 1MDB issue.

Born on 14 June 1978, in Johor Bahru, he had an ambition of being a writer at a young age, but didn’t know that it may be a career for him in the future. He came across the media industry by accident.He initially applied for a writer or accountant position as he thought that it will provide a steady income, and ended up being a writer in the end. He studied his Masters degree in Broadcasting, and set up FatBidin Media, where he showcase content for print and broadcast, and he also does consultation on content for clients, even non fiction.

When he worked in a TV show before setting up his own YouTube channels he realized that full timers have little to no freedom to take risks and do things their own way. And then in 2005, when YouTube first came to Malaysia, he started to do his project to make contents on YouTube under FatBidin, where he is allowed to have his own platform to perform. He does Vlogs to document his life to his audiences as well.

His frequent client is Astro Awani, and he also used to be the head of the magazine desk. Being in Astro Awani, he helped young future journalists in developing a lot of news programs and train them to be independant and help develop digital strategies. There are times where he has to take on multiple roles on other jobs, such as being a conflict journalist that covers war and fighting.

His inspiring words of wisdom that he would like to tell the other future young journalist, is to be interested in what you want to do, as it helps to bring you forward. Misunderstandings from young generation are common because they may not know what is in store for them.

Article Written by Dan Dan Yap



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