Disclaimer: This article contains paranormal content and stories from experience. Not advisable/ recommended for the erroneously spectrophobic or phasmophobic. Read at your own risk. Any resemblance to any stories are purely coincidental.

How mystifying or scary can the paranormal be? This might be an enjoyable piece for those who are keen on reading these tales. However, some people might not dare to make fun of the unexplained.

Picture what would it be like if it’s considered normal to see spirits of your dead neighbour, wounded Japanese soldiers and baby with a headless mother just like any other human beings? Pretty frightful and tiring. It’s not something to brag about or to be proud of owning.

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In this article, we have interviewed someone who have had numerous encounters, experience and even contact with so called unidentified entity. It’s been a norm for him, he could even mistake his college mates for spirits at some points.  He seemed like a normal guy-next-door but when he told us his past events. It opened up a new perspective for us.

He started off the interview by introducing himself as ‘Dan’, a boy from Petaling Jaya..

So now we know, He is a one stubborn boy back then. Well, due to that, Dan got himself into trouble he had never faced before.

Alright, basically not yet but from the audio file, we he mentioned about a mystery touch he keep on getting while being in the pool, IN THE POOL.

Adding to the 3rd audiofile, Dan refered the drowning boy being him.

Words no more, there you have it! Dan’s mysterious yet clueless encounter? Tormented spirit? Angry ghost? We would never now. Before ending the interview session, Dan did gave use some words of regrets after volunteering himself into the gruesome incident.

That’s about it, If any of you guys want more of this kind of article, kindly leave your comments and feedbacks below.

Article Written by Adam Rasyid


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