Visit Japan! The Land of Vibrant Colors and Tantalizing Food

Who doesn’t love traveling? Exploring new places, meeting new people, no burden of the real world, something to look forward to and obviously a reason to save up, especially when you are traveling to Japan. Be prepared to start eating maggi after you come back home because this country will definitely start making you question whether you really need to pay next month’s rent or move back to your parent’s house. I can assure you, Japan will make you want to buy everything, and try everything they have to offer.

Japan is probably number 1 in my personal traveling bucket list so nothing excites me more than the opportunity to visit this country, and let me tell you this, the moment I left Japan, I missed it, dreadfully.

Japan is a country located in East Asia that has over 126 million population and deemed one of the country that has the longest life expectancy but, has a really low birth rate compared to the death rate. This land is also called the“Land of the Raising sun”, and to say that it is not is an understatement, especially when you travel there during summer. The sun feels like it is right above your head. Summer in Japan is very, very hot that “the heat is literally piercing through the whole layer of my skin and I need help” kind of hot. I did some homework. *wink*

IMPORTANT: Keep a bottle of sunscreen with you and a bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated while it’s summer in Japan. An ice cream cone won’t hurt too!



  1. Universal Studios

Let’s talk about Universal Studio Japan, and we cannot talk about Universal Studio Japan without mentioning the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Studio Japan is one of the two places that have a section for the Wizarding world, the other one being Universal Studio in Florida. To go into this section, usually visitors need to get timed tickets and they will only stay for a certain amount of time, but since that day the park was not too packed, people could freely go in and out. Even then, we still needed to line up for 2 hours to get into the favorite ride in the section (but it was worth it).

Most of the time was just spent in the Harry Potter section, as I did not have enough time in my hands. For a Potterhead, this was a very big moment and everything that I ever wanted (so far). Familiar shops from the series were spotted. Even the wand shop! Some of the wands that they were selling was interactive so people could really use the wand and magical things will happen in the area. Other then that, the most exciting experience was to try the Butterbeer, one of the special beverage that was created and mentioned in the book. It tasted exactly how you’d imagined it to be from the book and it got me hyped up!


  1. Disneyland/ DisneySea.

Next on the theme park list is Disneysea. Unleash your inner 12-year-old self. You won’t regret it. Disneysea is a part of  Disneyland, but the difference is this theme park rides are more “mature” compared to Disneyland’s rides. Also, compared to Disneyland, there are more shows in Disneysea. Disney only has Disneysea in Japan while Disneyland exist in a couple of countries all around the world. The rides in Disneysea are mostly sea based themes, but one of the section is dedicated to Toy Story. In this area, they sold ice cream mochi, and it was probably the best thing ever and you can’t even find it in Disneyland!


Unfortunately, time wasn’t on my side that day. Disneysea was much more packed compared to the Universal Studio Japan, probably because they only have Disneysea in Japan. But all in all, it was still a fun experience. My favorite part was the Little Mermaid section, but unfortunately we did not have time to watch the show, although the show sounds very fun to watch.

Of course we cannot leave Disney’s theme park without visiting Disneyland. As expected, Disneyland was magical! It was whimsical to be visiting my childhood. It’s an indescribable feeling. The rides in Disneyland was super fun and if you’re lucky, you get to spot Disney characters roaming a round. I met a couple of characters like Mr and Mrs. Incredible, Chip & Dale, Mickey & Minnie, and Zootopia’s characters. Try out the Star Wars ride and the experience was out of this world! (Pun intended)


Apart from all the art, fashion, and uniqueness, we will remember their food. Experiencing Japanese cuisine in Japan was overwhelming. Flavors was not too different from what we usually eat, but even better! Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are some of the famous Japanese delicacies that I HAD a chance to try and they were sublime. The sauce was more savory and even better than what I usually eat. Other than that, Japan has really really tasty salads. It has its own dressing, a bit runny and oily but just perfect for the salad and I found myself munching without stop. Eating and savoring the flavors was like a story in my mouth. From the balance of the dressing to the tang from the Parmesan cheese. Simplicity of a salad at it’s best.

I scream! For ice cream!! It’s not summer without any ice cream. So ice cream vendors were everywhere. The ice cream range from fruit, vanilla, chocolate to shaved ice. Just name it and you can find it. Japan also has this unique drink that is mostly popular during summer called Ramune. The drink has a glass ball inside of the container that keeps the drink cold. A very thirst-quenching drink.


Their temples are always a delight to visit. Japanese people are not very religious but they have a lot of temples that they visit every now and then to pray. When visiting the temples, one of the most memorable thing was how all of these temples will sell charms for good luck, love, safety, and everything else that you can think of. Every temple also has a spot where you can get your luck read and if you have bad luck, you have to hang it in a nearby  tree in the temple so that the priest will pray for you to not get a bad luck. This is a very unique culture that I noticed only exist in Japan,so far. Having to only read about it in comics and experiencing the thrill of it, simply awesome and honored.


Hopefully, with my experience, it will make you want to visit Japan and give you a snippet of ideas on where to go and what to do in Japan. Visiting Japan was a dream come true for me and I would love to visit it again for a much longer period of time. A lot more places to discover and a lot more things to try. So, onto the next adventure! Till next time!

Article Written by Bella


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